/ 3d printing

I can print anything [1] in 3d [2]

using biodegradable plastic or paste.

I use a rapid prototyping fdm technology machine and open hardware RepRap Prusa, which is a very interesting project because you can built your own printer. I did a workshop at the CIM Centre in Barcelona. I also use free software that you can find on the web [3].

Design improves day after day and I am now starting to print edible printing [4] for Ali&Cia.

[1]  3d file, preferably .stl
[2]  From almost two dimensions objects like my card, to objects with a maximum volumen of 190x 180x 120mm each item. Nevertheless I always recommend you to do it in separate parts
[3]  Slic3r, Pronterface and Marlin
[4]  Chocolate, pastry, icing sugar, from the Universal Paste Extruder

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